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Build Confidence
The staff at Studio 360 is dedicated to helping women build confidence. We do that by offering a ton of fun pole dance classes that are designed for the everyday women. By that, we mean you do not have to be in terrific shape, you do not have to have coordination and strength already developed, and you do not have to think you can dance. We teach you! It is through our pole classes that we deliver our favorite gift ~ we teach women how to find their sexy side. Being everyday women ourselves, we understand that most women just want to feel like they know how to move the feminine body they have been given in ways that express their gorgeous, inherent sensuality. But, if you are like us, you start out with no freaking idea how to do that. In these courses we blended in the feminine and sexy parts of many styles of dance along with graceful spins and powerful tricks. You can have no experience of any sort and in a short time be moving in super sexy ways – and believe you me, it is a powerful boost of confidence when you realize that you had such beauty within you the whole time ~ you just needed some tools to pull it out.

Lose Weight
You can burn as much as 250 calories in a pole dance class. Pole alone will give you results but to really get the best results you must adjust your eating habits. We’ve seen plenty of students walk through our doors and shed up to 60 pounds – and sometimes more – in six to eight months with consistent pole practice. It’s easy to release weight when you’re having fun and enjoying yourself regularly.

Build & Tone Muscles
Pole fitness shows you how to support your entire body weight using one or both arms, a feat which is way tougher than performing standard biceps curls at the gym. Pole movements build and tone your muscles consistently because they provide a combination of strength training, endurance, and flexibility along with dance movements.

Increase Flexibility
If you’ve found yourself straining to touch your toes, or even enjoy basic yoga poses, then try pole. The movements, stretches, maneuvers learned to execute routines is strengthened through the natural development of flexibility over time.

Develop Coordination and Balance
Improved coordination and balance are also reported – and observed – in regular pole dance attendees. You can’t help but to feel badass once you’ve mastered the art of lifting your entire body up into an inversion wearing 6-inch heels. (Did we mention this is a great skill to have in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse?)

Improve Sex Appeal and Sensuality
Sex appeal and sensuality are very personal journeys. Each one of us is only responsible for being sexy and sensual to ourselves and those we deem worthy of seeing us as such. There’s something to be said for the natural sexiness and fluidity a woman develops with regular pole dance classes. Whether you’re simply indulging for yourself or seeking to learn something special for your lover, pole is something many women have used to reclaim their sensuality.

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